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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Windows 10 will store 7 GB of storage space for its updates

With the great master update next of Windows 10, expect to see a larger than usual storage, which contains the operating system disk reserved space, because Microsoft wants almost booked 7 GB for the operating system and applications-centered, temporary files, updates and cache system.

This amendment has its pros and cons, on the one hand you will not need to delete more applications, files and programs to provide additional space for future updates to the system, as you ensure access to all updates as long as there is storage space reserved specially, but if the storage disk you have relatively small capacity it It will take up a lot of space for your files, programs, and privacy. At the same time, many users may not have to install the major updates because they need a lot of space.

7 GB is not the final limit of adjustable according to the number of future benefits that are activated in the operating system or languages ​​that need to be installed, of course, when you add the Arabic language or writing language fronts it needs additional files will be placed in the reserved space.

This amendment will be available to the latest version of Windows with the version number 18298 and for all users with the next major update.

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