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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wikipedia uses Google Translate to provide articles in more languages

There is a wide variation in the number of articles available in each language of Wikipedia, this is due to the extent of activity of editors and users does not clearly indicate the number of speakers of that language, and to solve this problem, Wikipedia cooperates with Google to use its translation service within the tool of translation of the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia uses the Apertium open source translation service but now there is another option which is to translate Google with the artificial intelligence techniques associated with this domain and are able to recognize the language context better than the previous one.

Wikipedia has translated about 400,000 articles through its service and now with Google Translate this number will increase further. Of course, articles translated directly because they are not as accurate as human translations are not subject to the evaluation and modification of human editors before they are finally adopted.

The Apertium service is supported by 15 additional languages ​​and is technically superior to the quality of translation thanks to the expertise and technology of Google IQ.

It is worth mentioning that this partnership between Wikimedia and Google is free of charge. The free encyclopedia will not pay for the use of Google Translation, nor will it place any references to Google through its website, users' data will not be shared with it or the articles license will be modified. Stop.

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