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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Microsoft has sold 26 million Xbox

In the past, Microsoft has periodically announced its sales of the Xbox One gaming console, but it has stopped this policy for some time. According to a new report from the SuperData research group, the company has sold more than 26 million units of its home gaming platform since its launch In November 2013.

The group released the information about the Xbox One in its report on the new Nintendo "Switch" and the video game market in general. In the same report, the group pointed out that sales of the Sony PlayStation 4 reached about 55 million units, while Sony officially announced the sale of 53.4 Million units earlier this month.

For its part, Microsoft has not commented on this information assertion or denial, and even when some gaming sites tried to communicate with the US company was responding diplomatically and they - the company - has no new to share about the Xbox sales.

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