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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Microsoft and Amazon sue Trump for immigration ban

Since he announced the current US President, "Donald Trump" for his candidacy for the presidency and the controversy does not stop one day around him, and after taking office officially took a decision raised the public opinion of the United States in general and technology companies in particular, where he issued a decision to ban immigration from certain countries to the United States of America.

Immediately after the decision was made, the Attorney General in Washington filed a lawsuit against Trump's decision, which prevents immigrants from certain countries (seven Muslim countries) from entering the United States, and prohibits the entry of Syrian refugees for life, and later Amazon joined the lawsuit to form an alliance Against the US president before the judiciary, then Microsoft recently to join the alliance.

It is worth mentioning that many American technology companies will be affected by this arbitrary decision by the US President, as these companies try to recruit talent wherever they are on earth, not to mention joining the public opinion and trying to prove that they are 'companies' against any discrimination.

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