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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

LG begins selling its removable TVs in 2019

LG unveiled at the beginning of the year at the CES 2018 Electronics Show in Las Vegas television screens that can be wrapped in a box and then can be shown by raising them to the highest demand to appear as a full screen, ie they will not appear in normal mode like any TV screen unless activated from box.

To illustrate, the way this screen works is closer to Rolls, which opens through the control to show the screen from the top, and then the screen can be automatically re-turned through the control - it is like carrying a large poster of paper and opening it when the product is displayed and closed after or even As one of the store doors that pulls up.

According to Bloomberg, LG will start selling its screens starting in 2019. The new screens feature a 65-inch OLED display that gives high visibility and illumination, and LG is using these technologies to promote OLED displays, which are the leading manufacturers in the TV market.

Perhaps a rather strange idea, and sometimes people wonder why such a screen is acquired, but the fact that the ability to control the size of the display, whether fully operated or less advantage of many advantages provided.

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