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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Google paid $ 15 million for detectives loopholes

Google has announced the value of the financial rewards it has paid to security researchers for detecting serious gaps in its programs and systems. The total value to date is more than $ 15 million in just nine years.

Last year alone, Google paid $ 3.4 million to 317 security researchers, noting that interest is growing and more loopholes are being discovered each year. In the past year, Google earned $ 2.9 million to 274 researchers.

The Chrome browser and the Android operating system is the most paid for by Google reward, as it controlled half of the rewards.

Google's reward for security gaps ranges from $ 100 to $ 200,000 per gap, depending on its severity and impact. Last year, the most serious loophole was $ 41,000.

Google's bonuses have expanded to ChromeBooks and have raised the reward cap for the Android system to $ 200,000.

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