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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Google denies manipulating YouTube to make it incompatible with EDGE

A former Microsoft trainee revealed that Google is manipulating code and programming YouTube to cause problems with the EDGE browser and is not functioning properly and leads to incompatibility with the browser, which causes inconvenience to the user.

The former software engineer at Microsoft Joshua Bakita explained that the company abandoned the EdgeHTML processing engine and turned into an open-source Chromium project, because Google continued to modify the programming of YouTube so as not to comply with the Edge browser.

He added that the video accelerator from Edge was superior to the Chrome browser in terms of battery consumption while running YouTube videos.

Microsoft's abandonment of its processing engine is due to its long suffering to match Google's code changes to YouTube and use its own technologies to drive the development of the Web for the better.

The Mozilla project manager said earlier that the redesign of YouTube made it slower five times more on Firefox and EDGE browsers.

For its part, Google denies these claims, as YouTube does not add software codes to prefer one browser to another, explaining that it works quickly to fix the gaps and software problems once discovered.

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