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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Forecast Facebook test tool to scan data for 2019 spring users

Facebook has promised its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, users of the social platform with privacy that will allow them to erase their browsing data, including the applications and websites they interacted with via Facebook. The company did not set a date for launching the property officially for a moment but the expectations It will test it in the spring of next year almost any year after the company announced the start of its work on the tool last May.

The company's product and privacy manager, David Passer, said that the company was delayed in launching the tool because they were working to issue something that would benefit the 2.6 billion users. He also noted that the company still faces several complexities in building the new property because it will deal differently with the mechanism of wiping Based browsing data; it now deals with the property depending on the profile of each individual user.

The increasing attention paid by the Facebook administration to the security aspect and the privacy of the platform's users' data is evident after several setbacks in the social network that followed the scandal and leaked user data known as Cambridge Analytica, attempting to restore public confidence with a number of new features and features. They have a greater responsibility to control their information and browsing data across the platform.

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