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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Chrome begins blocking virus ads in July

Chrome began blocking offensive and disturbing ads in the United States, Canada and Europe last year, but starting from July 9, this feature will be spread to all countries around the world, including the Arab world.

A "better ads" alliance has set up a set of criteria that Google has relied on to select spam ads that should be blocked, including pop-ups or videos that automatically play audio.

Google has warned sites that use annoying ads to get rid of them. Indeed, the vast majority of those sites responded to Google's request, and only about 1% of sites that needed to review their ads were using ad blocking.

Google says it aims to spread its worldwide advantage not only for advertising filtering, but to create a better web for everyone and anywhere, which implies that ads are also good for the user so they are presented in an acceptable and helpful way.

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