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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Audi is moving forward to launch a fully self-driving vehicle in 2021

Audi's approach to the development of self-driving techniques is one of the fastest in achieving accelerated performance with the efficiency required among other brands of automotive manufacturers. In early December, the company announced its plan to invest $ 16 billion in independent self-driving techniques that seek During which the first fully self-driving car was launched on the road in 2021.

This achievement will be achieved by AID, a company owned by Audi, which is specialized in this project. It was established about a year ago and has 150 employees. It is the main supplier of the independent driving technology of the entire Volkswagen Group, which is of course the owner of Audi. Audi regards it as an essential and irreplaceable arm. To achieve their future aspirations, as Alexander Hange, Group Technical Officer, stated that AID is quite a cruise company for General Motors, adding that the goal behind this project is to get a car that can drive itself from beginning to end within Specific area.

While Alexander explained that the initial application will be by taxi mechanism and then expand the experience to include all the vehicles included in the group of cars, buses and trucks and provide self-driving techniques for long-term delivery services.

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