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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Apple receives government applications for more than 160,000 devices

Apple has released its new Transparency Report covering the first half of this year, with a completely new interactive design and site that makes it easy to browse its content, and can be viewed as a PDF file as usual.

The report shows that Apple has received 32342 requests for data from government users, an increase of 9% over the previous report, and these requests related to access to 163823 devices from Apple. Of course, the number of devices is greater than the number of requests because one request may involve multiple users and devices. Of those requests, Apple responded to 25,829 of them, an 80% response rate.

Germany was one of the most user-friendly countries, sending more than 13,000 requests to more than 26,000 devices. Most of these applications were due to stolen devices.

The United States came in second place with about 4,500 requests for about 15,000 devices, and 918 requests for financial information about users related to the iTunes cards fraud.

As far as national security is concerned, Apple received less than 500 requests for fewer than 1,500 devices from the United States.

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