February 2019 - Niroka Tech


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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

MWC19: Facebook announces several projects to provide rural areas in several countries with infrastructure networks

Facebook Acquires Artificial Intelligence Company GrokStyle specializes in shopping across the camera

Facebook revenue is rising thanks to ads and an increase in the number of active users

Instagram allows publishing on multiple accounts at once

Washington sues Facebook for Cambridge Analytica scandal

The Whatsapp Update on iOS comes with the option to start a group call directly

Forecast Facebook test tool to scan data for 2019 spring users

Alibaba acquires data processing company Data Artisans for $ 103 million

Lenovo Reveals Smart Home Clock with Touchscreen and Powered by Google

Honor unveils Honore View 20 officially

LG begins selling its removable TVs in 2019

Audi is moving forward to launch a fully self-driving vehicle in 2021

PUBG Game achieves more than $ 1 million a day

Windows 10 will store 7 GB of storage space for its updates

Microsoft has sold 26 million Xbox

Microsoft and Amazon sue Trump for immigration ban

Windows 10 Update October 2018 is now available for download for all without problems

Google paid $ 15 million for detectives loopholes

Wikipedia uses Google Translate to provide articles in more languages

Chrome begins blocking virus ads in July

Google denies manipulating YouTube to make it incompatible with EDGE

Apple warns developers of applications that track user actions by deleting them from App Sotre

Bill of purchase of Apple components of US factories amounted to 60 billion dollars

Apple receives government applications for more than 160,000 devices

Android supports FIDO2 protocol for login without a password

The Oreo version surpasses 10% and the most popular Noga on Android devices

Cortana on Android is testing the feature of reading text messages

Google unveils new version of Android phone system for cheap phones

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