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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

YouTube warns of "significant decline" in the number of channel subscribers

Chen YouTube campaign wide on the accounts of spam Therefore warns the company owners of small and large channels of "significant decline" may affect the number of subscribers to their channels because of the deletion of spam accounts, and of course the most affected by the purchase of imaginary subscribers.

Among the most affected will be the small channels that make up the imaginary accounts a large proportion of its subscribers, as it will lose the possibility of activating the income so you will not win from their videos. YouTube also shows that channels with fewer than 1,000 subscribers will be removed from YouTube's partner program and that they will have to re-apply later after actually increasing the number of subscribers.

Over the years, YouTube has developed its spam detection techniques, which are based on several key elements such as advanced user statistics, machine learning, patterns of propagation, abnormality of natural values, and human manual review.

Yesterday, we released the company's third quarter transparency report, which shows that millions of sections and channels violating its terms of use created by spam accounts as well as hundreds of millions of spam comments have been deleted.

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