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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

World of web development .. Gold mine you can enter now

When we entered the Internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the sites were HTML pages with text and images and linked to other pages. Today's websites are very different. It's like comparing a pay-per-view vehicle with Ferrari today. The two have four tires and they go on the road and offer the transport function from one place to another, but their potentials are completely different. Today's web sites, with their great development, are not only linked pages, but can be interacted, customized and served more than just text and image content.

The development of the web is also similar to the automotive industry. The industry consists of two tracks. The first is known as the front end, which is concerned with everything that appears to the user, that is, similar to the car's design and general appearance. The second is known as the back end, which is all internal, .

Web development in numbers

The web developer's career is the second most sought-after job in search of a popular online education platform by following up on the number of educational courses in this field.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, the number of job opportunities associated with web development is expected to grow by 27% over the next eight years, a high rate indicating increasing interest and demand for web developers.

If you look at US statistics on the Web developer's career, the average hourly wage is close to $ 40 and the annual salary ranges from $ 34 to $ 116,000 depending on the level of experience and the company where the developer or clients he works with if he works as an independent.

The stackoverflow platform, which is known to every programmer or web developer, receives a question about web development every 8 seconds. More than 50,000 web developers have at least shared details of his work on the platform, such as his projects.

The site is visited every month by about 50 million users and it is estimated that about 16 million of them are professional developers. Almost 40% of them are web developers, compared with less than 9% of smartphone application developers.

You may think that if you want to become a web developer, you should study at the university computer science or any of the technical disciplines. This talk is no longer valid in this age, and stackoverflow statistics confirm that more than 69% of developers and programmers have learned themselves and have not received any degree in their specialty.

While web developers can work independently, they receive, execute and end their work, but the statistics of this platform prove that the job is still full-time, yet independent work is the third option.

This is a sample of numbers that show you how this area is badly needed not only now but in the future, web developers are a rare coin and it is not impossible for a person to learn himself by sources available to all.

How do I learn web development?

The beginning of the basics, from learning HTML is essential for anything related to web pages, and with it must be CSS that gives makeup and beautiful form of dry web pages. Of course you should learn about the latest generation of HTML5, CSS3, and as a graduation project for what you have learned, you should create a blog template to refine your educational skills.

Fortunately, there are ready-made frameworks that cut you a lot of time and are spread around the world and there are a large number of technical support sites used by thousands of developers other than to solve problems and continue to develop permanently, the next step is to learn the famous framework Bootstrap.

Because today's websites are interactive with the user and not as dry as the past century, JavaScript must be learned and is the most requested and used among web developers as the numbers appear. With JavaScript we come to jquery the most popular library you find in your daily work.

So far we have been talking about web development and have not started talking about programming languages. All this was the exterior design to be sure, chassis, color, design and shape, as for the engine that is running the car, here we start talking software.

There are a number of famous programming languages ​​suitable for the development of sites such as PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET and each language pros and cons and you can experience learning any of them and note which of them more like or seen more effective for your projects than others to follow. For example ASP.NET may be more successful than PHP in certain projects and sites, but PHP has more and more widespread learning resources.

If the programming language is the engine that drives the vehicle, the database is the fuel tank without which it will not move. SQL is your destination to learn if you are dealing with MYSQL databases, which are the most famous and most suitable for most projects. If you want to work on small projects there is a small version, and the very giant projects Oracle databases are your destination.

Learning Resources

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are so many educational resources available today on the web, whether informal sources such as web developers enrolling courses and offering their expertise, or methodology such as famous educational sites such as Yudeme, Kursera, Linda and others.

The first destination in learning about web development is the famous w3school site, which offers a large number of lessons on web programming languages, web technologies and even frameworks such as Bootstrap with a great expansion in JavaScript education and even blogging.

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