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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review of Network Storage Server Synology DS218 +

Network Attached Storage Servers (NAS), a networked, dedicated, small-business, home-based or multi-model business. Synology is one of the most widely used models in the industry. One of these models is the DS218 +

How to set up a network server is very easy, after the installation of volumes and connect the device to the network You can access the website to access the device and complete the settings simply, such as creating a user name and installation of the operating system.

The DS218 network storage device is a device for home or small business use. Its operating system is no different from the rest. In terms of design and contents, it is a box with a plastic cover and behind the cover two easy-to-install HDD or SSD. The interface features LED lights to see the status of the device during operation, the button for automatic copying and operation button and USB 3.0 port, the rear fan and USB3.0 ports and the Ethernet port and the SATA port and power outlet.

As a technical specification, the network storage device comes with a dual-core 2.0 GHz processor and 2 GB of DDR3L memory that can be increased up to 6 GB.

Currently, many people are having trouble downloading files because they use more than one computer and move their files to an external storage unit that may not be able to browse the files remotely. The use of a network storage device is one of the solutions to find your files whether you are outside the office or home through Access files via the browser or through the mobile applications of the device, as well as you can upload your files from any computer working on the network storage device, and can make a backup of files for Mac and Windows through Active Backup, and you can take a full copy of external units using the copy button FW On my network storage device.
Among the problems that many people face is the insufficient memory of the phone for pictures and of course can not delete the old memories for new images, some users resort to an external storage or a general cloud service to save their images, but lead to random dispersion and very difficult to manage , In addition to the privacy problem. The device we are viewing provides a cloud service of your own by using the application memories on Android and IOS to take a backup of your photos automatically, and you can modify the settings to take the backup if you connect the device on the Wifi network to reduce the use of data package for the user, The app will show photos in order by date, place, people, and other labels using artificial intelligence to get your photos faster.

Among the great applications of this device is the Synology Drive application, which allows you to access all of your files stored in the network storage device by phone or computer or using the browser or file explorer, and you can use this application to share files with other users and determine their powers to edit or read The application also provides an Office package for editing text, spreadsheets and presentations and is compatible with Microsoft Office programs. The application also provides protection for all files and the ability to recover lost files. Also, you can make the network server a home entertainment platform, especially as it supports 4K video transmission if supported by the operating system.

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