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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Redesigning Twitter on iOS makes the tracker count not prominent

As part of Twitter's plans to rewrite some of its platform features, its chief executive, Jack Dorsey, announced the re-design of the application on the iOS platform, where the number of followers in the application was made less visible by making the font size smaller. Change after Jacques Dorsey repeatedly pointed out that he wanted to give priority to a meaningful engagement on numbers such as the number of followers and responses.

At the same time, Twitter's chief executive said: "Users should not be afraid of the number of followers on Twitter, as the beginnings of Twitter were motivated to increase this number, and today I do not think this is true." He added, "The number of meaningful conversations users have On the platform is the most important, and to achieve this we launched a new application update for iOS makes the number of followers is not prominent. "

At the same time, this redesign has also extended to other details, such as sites, birthdays, date of accession, and other account details, all of which are small, in turn a bit subtle but will serve the purpose well, since it will not attract users to as many followers What was before, the idea here is that over time users You will not feel compelled to focus on this figure.

Finally, a few of these changes appear on the Twitter application in Android, but details like the date of accession and other information have not changed. Twitter may eventually update the application on Android to maintain consistency across both applications.

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