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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Photos leaked from Windows 10 Cloud system rival to Chrome

Microsoft is developing a special version of the Windows 10 operating system that will be targeted to rival the Chrome system after the growing use of Chromebooks in schools, universities and some businesses. The new system is currently called Windows 10 Cloud and today we have some images leaked from it.

Leaked images published by the Windows Italia Italia website show that the system in terms of design is no different from the Windows 10 we know. There's everything familiar like the taskbar, the Start button, the Quick Search bar and of course the App Store which will be an essential part of it.

As mentioned in the previous report, this system will only run comprehensive applications that can be downloaded from the Windows application store and will not support the out-of-store software as shown below when running the VLC application. It displays a warning message that this program has not been developed to run on this version of Windows . The above image shows how several applications are opened together to work side by side without having to split the screen into two halves so that it can be easily worked and moved between them as in normal Windows 10 but it is comprehensive applications.

Microsoft is likely to unveil this system with the launch of the next major Creators Update in April, especially since leaked images appear to be ready for launch and apparently developed.

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