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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Huawei develops alternative backup operating system for Android

The serious repercussions faced by Chinese smart phone manufacturers in their relationship with the United States have prompted Huawei officials to start developing their own operating system for smart phones and tablets that might be used if they had to substitute for the Android system.

As you know US companies such as Qualcomm and others have blocked dealing with the Chinese company ZTE and exporting its products for seven years for violating the terms of trade relations with the United States and exporting their products to Iran, and now ZTE is vulnerable to losing its Android license as well.

What if a similar scenario is repeated with Huawei? Huawei is the third largest smartphone vendor in the world, and its denial of US products and services will hurt its business to a large extent. Therefore, the company has developed a special operating system that may be used in case it is forbidden to use Android.

According to sources, Huawei has been working on the new operating system since 2012 when the United States began its investigations with ZTE.

But Huawei has never unveiled its new system and seems to be not at the Android level in terms of system quality or application support currently.

Huawei did not confirm or deny the existence of the system, saying it had no plans to launch its own operating system in the near future. That means they may do so in the distant future, that is, years to come.

Asian companies tend to develop alternative solutions to get out of the American abaya. It is very common. Even at the operating system level, we saw Samsung's Taizen system, so they launched several phones, but it did not reach the Android competition.

For Huawei, it will not be difficult to abandon American products, especially with regard to processors, as they develop their own smart phone processors and do not rely entirely on Qualcomm.

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