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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Google is helping DuckDuckGo compete for a shorter range

Many of those who have tried to use alternative search engines have come to DuckDuckGo but its problem is that its domain name is difficult to write at first glance for the majority, but it ended today because the engine has a new domain name shorter and thanks to Google itself!

The private search engine took over's domain name from Google, which it had purchased from On2 Technologies, the so-called The Duck Corporation.

Throughout the domain ownership of Google domain name was undergoing a process of re-conversion of visitors to its official site, which was causing loss to users for the engine duckduckgo, and last summer began to put a link transmitting the engine itself and now the process of automatic conversion of the engine and not to the group, therefore no longer need to write the domain name Long and you can only

Google has thousands of domain names undergoing a conversion process for its official engine. Among those domains are misspelled word combinations such as or to unique and short domain names such as, Google has no Facebook!

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