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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Apple plans to bypass Chinese sales ban via software update

The judiciary rejected Apple's argument and decided to ban the sale of several models of its phones in China for infringing Qualcomm patents, but the US company will not receive that easy and plans to go back and lift the ban by updating the operating system software to be sent to China's mobile phones.

In a special statement, Apple says that next week will see a software update to solve the problem of jobs that violate Qualcomm patents. If the court agreed to Apple's procedure, it would be allowed to resell iPhone phones from iPhone 6 to iPhone X in China.

Apple's patents were for image resizing and application management, and Apple claimed that updating iOS 12 did not infringe those patents, but as long as the user had the option to update them, the area was open to a ban on sales.

Apple seems to be skipping its next software update to force the user to install the iOS 12 version, so his phone does not carry anything that violates Qualcomm's patents.

In general, this will not please Qualcomm, and we do not yet know the position of the judiciary of this procedure, in any case the judicial confrontation between the two companies continues.

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