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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

5 other goals to use Facebook except to communicate with friends

Facebook is a global digital network that includes many services and objects that achieve different goals for each one. The main goal of this network is to communicate with friends, interact with published content, publish personal and non-personal content and get some fruitful interaction and valuable additions.

But there are those who use Facebook for purposes other than the main goal. Some people do not like Facebook and do not like to use it as a communication tool, but they are forced to use it for a particular purpose. The strength of this network and the enormity of its structure allowed this pluralism to be achieved. Together with some of those secondary goals.

1. Access to the public (advertising)
Facebook has become the first and best haven for many employers and business owners, even for individuals with services or products they are trying to market and then reach some new customers. When we say 'reach the audience' we mean, for example, If you sell hooks and nets, or to reach people who live in the geographical area you target in the sale.

Because the network now has more than 1.5 billion people, it is one of the best options for launching advertising and advertising campaigns. The ad system offers many options to reach the most relevant segment at the lowest cost.

Facebook may only be used for this. Some employers and small business owners do not have time to consume gossip or grab their comments. They always go to one section of the network, the Advertising Management section, where they publish new campaigns and follow the old , It's true that the department costs them some money, but gives them more customers in return.

2. Play and entertain
Facebook is also to play as it is for the grandfather, is to spend time as it is to spend money, some may use this network to enjoy including games and applications for entertainment, of course the first advantage is that they are free games as is known, another thing is to keep the play record, You have to register on every site that offers a game you like to play.

The biggest benefit is sharing games with friends or other users on the net. This is the most popular game to use Facebook, so you can compete with friends and add excitement and enthusiasm.

Last year, Facebook launched Facebook via Facebook, and there are many more games available in the games section of the Facebook network. Those who want to play but not play can download Facebook Gameroom, Free, or read more about this page.

3. Educational courses
Facebook groups are not only to share common themes, they can also be used for other purposes, including education, especially after updates and development in previous years that have given administrators a variety of control and management tools.

In the past year, the network has launched the "Groups" feature within groups, which enables group administrators to create sequential educational materials divided into units and parts that are easy to follow. This feature is now available to all groups, which can be activated from the group settings page, learning).

If you are interested in education, teacher or lecturer or just someone who wants to spread his knowledge and knowledge, your main goal of Facebook is to spread your knowledge of usefulness, it is a free means easy to do so, students often find them already join Facebook, Registration in services or sites, and the properties available in groups, may prevent non-free digital tools and systems.

4. Selling and buying
It happens that you find people in specialized groups displaying their merchandise, then when you call them and ask them the address of the shop, they respond to you and say (Online Yabasha), they spread among the groups and try to sell their goods directly, through the delivery to home and receive the amount at The Door.

When you create a new group within a network, you can choose from several types and categories, including the sales and purchase groups. These groups provide useful features that make it easier for the seller and buyer to communicate, supply and demand. Each publication is supposed to be a product offer, For the price, and through the comments the interested people react and ask their questions.

What's new is that the network has officially added (MarketPlace), which can be accessed through the side menu under your name, where you meet in this place who wants to sell and who intends to buy, and distinguished system that detects your interests in the purchase and presents you recently published products In the same city, or you can click on "Sell Something" if you intend to sell, and it is useful to keep a record of communication between sellers or buyers and multiple options to explore the goods offered.

You can explore the sales and buying groups near you through the Sale Groups page, and to learn about the features and possibilities offered by Facebook groups in general, see this article.

5. Watch videos
This use may be strange on a network that is not classified as a platform for the dissemination of visual content as is the case with YouTube. In fact, in the past years, Facebook has been more interested in visual content, offering features and incentives to encourage users to publish their videos and live broadcasts on the one hand, Receiver to watch more videos.

There are people who like to watch live video and live broadcasts. For those of them, Facebook has dedicated a separate page that shows an interactive map showing who is currently broadcasting, and the possibility of watching those people or events as they occur.

Other goals that Facebook can use are:

Managing official pages: Some users have a primary goal of using Facebook is to manage their own work page or fan page of their site or blog.
Third party sites: There are sites and applications that offer the option of registering via Facebook instead of registering via email. While some do not prefer this method, a group of users find that this is an easy and quick way to register instead of entering new data Each site is new, but you should be aware of the privacy issue when using this method, and prefer not to share personal information or make it available to third parties.

The tools are one and the multiple uses, there are those tools are considered for them a means to waste time or gain evil, and some of those tools contribute to the development of life and increase its benefits, remains the main axis is the same person and the way to invest in the hands of the tools that can reach the highest levels, Life is even lower in the other.

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