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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review of Network Storage Server Synology DS218 +

Reports: Google will close Hangouts in 2020

Apple Acquires Platform for Discovering Emerging Musical Talents

Phone Camera Huawei Mate 20 Pro - High precision and sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques

Photos leaked from Windows 10 Cloud system rival to Chrome

5 other goals to use Facebook except to communicate with friends

Redesigning Twitter on iOS makes the tracker count not prominent

World of web development .. Gold mine you can enter now

Netflix is testing a feature that allows some scenes to be automatically restored

Google is helping DuckDuckGo compete for a shorter range

Google decides to close Google+ in April instead of August due to a new data leak

Google wants to add comment feature to search results

Microsoft updated Outlook application by adding the add-ons feature

Microsoft is preparing a thinner version of Windows 10 to compete with the Chrome system

Apple plans to bypass Chinese sales ban via software update

Apple fails in social networking music for the second time

YouTube warns of "significant decline" in the number of channel subscribers

Apple investigated the Incident of an iPhone X while it was being updated

Android Pie is the official name for the new Android 9.0 version

Huawei develops alternative backup operating system for Android

Taiwanese threatens to delete Facebook founder's page on the network and broadcast the process directly

A Facebook vulnerability allows access to images of 6.8 million users

Apple contracts Tesla designer for electric cars

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